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News form Placement Cell MEG & Centre


Placement cell MEG & Centre:


All MEG ESM(Sep GD/Clk SD), who are eligible for Re-enrollment into DSC will be reported to MEG & Centre Bangalore on *_15 Feb 2023_* .
The eligibility criteria for DSC selection are given as under:-
1. Character should be Exemplary or Very Good.
2. Age should below 46 yrs for Sep (GD) and 48 yrs for Sep (clk).
3. Over shoot should be within 2 yrs from date of discharge of former service
4. Discipline - Should not be more than 2 red ink entries during entire former service.
 - should not be more than 1 red ink entry in last three years of former service. 


Kind Attention:-
1. Those who are eligible should first apply for online police verification before coming
2. All ESM will bring with them- discharge book, 10th marksheet, AGI certificate, ESM I card.
3. Whoever ESM is willing, message your Army no, discharge date on this personal no.