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Coal Transportation & Tipper Attachment

Coal Loading and Transportation Scheme [ESM (O)]

General. The Scheme is administered on the basis of MoU between the Coal India Ltd. and DGR. In this Scheme five Retired ESM (Officers) will form a Company and register as a Pvt. Ltd. Company under Company Act of 1956. These Companies will carry out work of Coal Loading and Transportation inthe designated Coal Subsidiaries. Each ESM Company can have up to 03 pay loaders and 30 Tipper trucks in which 10 trucks will be reserved for allotment to widows/disabled soldiers, 20 trucks for JCOs/ORs and equivalent. In exceptional circumstances the fleet size may be increased up to 04 pay loaders and 40 Tipper trucks.

Coal Loading and Transportation (ESMs)

General. The Scheme is administered on the basis of MoU between the Coal India Ltd (CIL} and DGR which sets out the terms and conditions governing the formation and running of ESM Coal Loading and Transportation Companies in any of the Coal Subsidiaries of CIL.

Eligibility Criteria and Procedure for Registration.

ESM can register directly at DGR/online.

Modalities of Operation. The Tipper Owners are required to provide seed money for the Tippers ranging between Rupees Five to Eight Lakhs depending upon the loan to be taken from the bank.

Coal Tipper Attachment Scheme for Widows and Disabled Ex-Servicemen

The Tipper for Widows/Disabled soldiers are purchased by the Company. Widows/Disabled soldiers pay a seed money of Rupees One Lakh and they get  monthly  reimbursement of Rs.3000/-. At the end of contract, Rupees One Lakh is returned to the widows/disabled soldiers. 

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MOU 1993 Click here
MOU 1999 Click here
MOU 2013 Click here


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