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Retail Outlet Dealership

Management of Company Owned Company Operated Retail Outlets

Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) Retail Outlets are made available for Management by Retired Defence officers and JCOs on contractual basis for a maximum period of three years. The scheme is operational Pan India. ESM Officers and JCOs should not be above 60 years of age at the time of sponsorship and should be willing to provide bank guarantee as per company's requirement. Officers are required to be sponsored by the office of DGR and JCOs through their respective RSBs. Oil Company pays Rs 30000/- pm as fixed remuneration plus incentive on sale of oilproducts. The policy guidelines are available on the website of  all  major Oil Companies. SOP for sponsorship of names is available on the DGR website.

Allotment of Oil  Product Agency (OPA) Distributorship by Oil Marketing Companies Against 8% Reservation Quota

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has a reserved quota of 8% for distributorship  of  Oil  Product  Agency i.e. LPG distributorship under Government Personnel (GP) category and Retail   Outlets (Petrol/Diesel) under /CC1J category for eligible Armed Forces Personnel. The location for developing Retail Outlets and LPG distributorship are identified by the Oil Company after carrying out requisite feasibility study. Requirements for Retail Outlets and LPG distributorship in the particular locality are advertised through newspaper and the company's website. After publication of the advertisement, the applicant can apply directly to the Oil Company. Simultaneously, the applicant should apply for the DGR eligibility certificate which is required to be submitted to the oil company in original at the time of selection. The final selection is done through draw of lots by the oil company and office of DGR has no say in it.


  • Widows/dependants of those who died in war.
  • War disabled/disabled  ESM  due to attributable or aggravated causes to Military Service.
  • Widows/dependants of those Defence personnel who died in harness due to attributable or aggravated causes to Military Service.
  • ESM disabled in peace due to attributable or aggravated causes to Military Service.
  • Able bodied ESM.


Retail Outlet Dealership under CC1 category

Unified Guidelines for Allotment of LPG Dealership/Distributorship under ‘GP’Quota.

SOP on sponsorship of Ex- Servicemen  Officer's and JCO's for management  of company owned and company operated retail outlets